en-derm Ageless Rejuvenating Cream (EXP. Dec 2022)

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Origin: France

Size: 50g

This delicate rejuvenated cream is infused with finest French ingredients to reinforces your skin’s water reserves and maintains optimum hydration levels.  It is derived from the deep sea natural red seaweed extract, which can enrich every inch of your skin. Light and moisturising texture help reduce the feeling of dryness, keep the skin supple and feeling elastic.

*The product does not contain Parabens, mineral oil, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and alcohol

*No Animal Test

Ingredients highlight:

Chondrus Crispus Extract 

Chondrus crispus extract: Chondrus crispus, also known as red algae, is a type of seaweed that's a rich source of many nutrients for skin, including the pigment beta-carotene and potent antioxidants zeaxanthin, lutein, which help protect skin from the visible effects of blue light exposure and make your skin glow with a healthy shine.

Lithothamnion Calcareum Extract
A red alga whose main feature is the formation of calcium carbonate in its cell walls. Helps skin look and feel firmer, more toned.

Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract
the powerful moisturizing qualities of this plant, combined with other powerful plant-based active ingredients, blend to form a lovely natural moisturizer that goes on light, and penetrates with moisture, but packs a punch, providing deep, lasting hydration.

As an emollient, topically applied lecithin has the ability to soften and soothe the skin. Its high concentration of fatty acids creates a barrier on the skin that effectively seals moisture in while keeping air and other environmental elements out. This property makes lecithin an excellent ingredient to add to restorative creams, or for products designed for mature, dry, or overworked skin. Additionally, lecithin is commonly used in hair conditioners and other hair products due to its emollient properties.
Lecithin can also be classified as a penetration enhancer. This means it has the ability to deeply penetrate through the layers of skin, enhancing the penetration of other active ingredients.

Rosa Moschata Seed Oil
Rosa Moschata is extremely high in essential fatty acids, namely oleic, linoleic and linolenic acid, vital for healthy, happy skin. They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Rosa Centifolia Flower Water
Facial oils are absolutely fantastic for your skin because they contain no water making them far more potent to really tackle your skin care woes and leave your complexion soft, supple and luminous.


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