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Angelica Root Oil


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Origin: France / Belgium 

Botanical Name: Angelica archangelica 
Note: Base 
Extraction: Distillation 
Aroma: Earthy, rich herbaceous spicy fragrance Angelica with enhanced immune system function, so use it to counter various types of infectious diseases.

It can also stimulate the appetite, relieve anorexia, but also especially suitable for relieve pressure caused by digestive problems. 
From the common cold to bronchitis and other respiratory tract infections, and even very intolerant of dry cough, Angelica can be relieved. 
It also has the function of lubricating the skin. 
Angelica also important functions of detoxification and diuretic. 
It can promote lymphatic drainage and all of the excretory organ rid itself of waste, so it is very suitable for rheumatism, arthritis, fluid retention, as well as in patients with cellulitis of the application may be used to sue massage. 
Caution: In part to avoid the use of sunlight.

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