Essential Elements

DIY MOISTURIZING LIP BALM Package (Jojoba Oil100ml + Shea Butter Refind 100g+ Beeswax 100g +10 Lipstick Tube (Clear)


 DIY Moisturizing Lip Balm Package include: Cold - Pressed Jojoba oil 100ml, Beeswax white 100g, Shea Butter (refind) 100g, 10 Lipstick Tube

40% Jojoba Oil
40% Shea Butter
20% Beeswax
essential oil 1% (not included in package)

Recipe (around 10 Lipstick Tube) :
28g Jojoba Oil
28g Shea Butter
14g Beeswax
essential oil 10 Drops (not included in package)

1. Melt cold - pressed Jojoba Oil and Beeswax by heated
2. Add essential Oil into the beaker and stirring.
3. Pour into Lip Stick Tube and stand for 1 hour until solidified.
Apply on lips, help moisturize lips.
**Recipe for reference only, for sensitive skin, please tester before use.
**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.

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