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DIY Summer Ladies Belly massage oil package (Jojoba Oil 100ml+ Grapefruit Oil 10ml+Ginger Oil 10ml+Marjoram Oil 10ml + 30ml Amber Plastic Bottle x2)


Package include:
1) Jojoba Oil  100ml
2) Grapefruit Oil 10ml
3) Ginger Oil 10ml
4) Marjoram Oil 10ml
5) Amber Plastic Bottle 30ml x 2

Recipe for around 30ml:

Jojoba Oil 30ml
Grapefruit Oil 4 drops
Ginger Oil 4 drops
Marjoram Oil 4 drops
Marjoram Essential Oil: aids digestion, good for stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation, flatulence
Ginger essential oil: warms the uterus, helps circulation in the body, removes coldness in the body, and enhances blood circulation
Grapefruit essential oil: often used to improve obesity, remove toxins from the body; stimulate lymph glands, improve cellulite and edema.

Method: Mix the above formula carrier oil and essential oil to use

Usage: take about 5 dollar size portion
1. Massage clockwise while applying on the abdomen with the palm of your hand
2. Massage from the side to the navel
3. Open your palm and gently pat different positions on the abdomen for a few times
4. Gently push from the lower abdomen to the legs
5. Place your palms on the abdomen to warm the abdomen and take 2 deep breaths

Note: Do not use during menstruation or pregnancy, avoid ultraviolet rays after use

**The above information is for reference only, children under 6 years old and individual patients should use it with caution or consult a doctor first.
**Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid misuse.
**Those with sensitive skin, please test by yourself first.

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