Essential Elements

Natural Peel off Masks (Seaweed) box Set 50g x 3bag (Best Before: 09/2023)

HK$120 HK$205

Origin: France

Size: 30g

Seaweed: Marine silt have a strong purifying properties by absorbing the skin cell impurities, and at the same moment it provides many trace elements. Evidences are showing that elements as magnesium and other trace elements can penetrate through the skin barrier.

Main ingredients for Seaweed: Seaweed powder is rich in natural marine minerals, vitamins, amino acids and so on.
Its unique natural mineral ingredients to help open up the skin cells, effectively decompose and release the trapped toxins, and the lymphatic system through our body.

Guluronic Alginate, Seaweed

How to use:

1) prepare 25g masks powder on mixing bowl , 2) prepare 20g water/floral water and  2 drops of essential oil in a cup. 3) Add 2) liquid to the 25g masks powder at room temperature. 4) Mix vigorously to get an homogeneous paste. 5) Apply it immediately on the skin. 6) leave it performing its action during 15 minutes. 7) After few minutes the mask sets and can be easily peeled off.

*50g can be used for two times.

**Recipe for reference only, For sensitive skin, please tester before use.
**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.

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