Essential Elements

Sensitive Skin Face Cleanser DIY Set (Facial Cleanser Cream + essential oil)

HK$256 HK$269

Package included: 

Facial Cleanser Cream 500g

- Essential oil :   Neroli 5% / Lavender / Chamomile Roman


1. Facial Cleanser Cream 500g + Lavender / Chamomile Roman 30 - 50 Drops 
2. Facial Cleanser Cream 500g + Neroli 5% 10ml 

DIY Steps:

Follow the above recipe and mix the essential oil to the face cleanser cream. 

Cleansing -> Toner -> Day/Night Cream.

*It is recommended that the finished product within 6 months.

**Recipe for reference only, for sensitive skin, please tester before use.
**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.


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