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Silicone Mold 6-Cavity - Large


Origin: China

Size: 260mm x 197mm

wax volume: around 200ml

Silicone Mold suitable for Aroma Wax Decoration Making.


soywax (hard) 
Essential Oil 
Silicone mold 
soywax (hard) : beeswax = 2:1
Essential Oil 4 - 6 %
Aroma Decoration Making:   
1) Melt soy wax & beeswax by heated water bath.
2) Add 4 - 6% Essential Oil and stir.
3) Pour into silicone mold and put some dry flower on it.
4) Stand for few hours before remove from mold.
**Recipe for reference only, for sensitive skin, please tester before use.
**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors
香薰蠟片掛飾矽膠模適用於製作蠟片吊飾 材料: (硬)大豆蠟、白蜂蠟、香薰精油、矽膠蠟片模 配方: (硬)大豆蠟 : 白蜂蠟 = 2:1 精油: 4 - 6% 香薰蠟片做法: 1) (硬)大豆蠟及白蜂蠟隔水加熱座溶 2) 停止加熱及添加 4-6 % 香薰精油 3) 蠟液倒入矽膠模,待膠面開始凝固,手放入乾花/裝飾物 4) 等待數小時後即可製作成香薰燭片 DIY 小貼士:* 20滴精油大約 = 1ml**以上資訊祗供參考,皮膚容易敏感者,請先自行測試。**6歲以下兒童及個別病患者慎用或請先向醫生查詢。

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