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Sodium Hydroxide 1kg (Retest Date: 11/2023)


Origin: Germany

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is one of the raw materials for manufacturing of solid soap. Assay: ~99%
Manufacturing process: 
-First olive oil 200 g , coconut oil 180 g, palm oil 200 g mixture and heated to 50 degrees, another 210 ml of distilled water added slowly at 82-87 g of sodium hydroxide (as the break the skin may be) mix until completely dissolved. 
-During alkaline will be heated to 100 degrees to use heat-resistant container, slowly add the oil in the mixture stirred in the forward or reverse, the mixture should be kept within 30 minutes of gentle stirring, Jiaocheng soap paste. 
-Essential oils can be added to 5-10 ml, the soap paste into the mold and wrap in a dry and ventilated for 24 hours, and then stripping store a month, so that more fully saponified soap paste to test PH value of 9 can be used. 
*Note: in the manufacturing process to wear gloves, goggles, masks, aprons, shower cap, because the sodium hydroxide are alkali, accidentally splashed on skin or scalp may result in burns, they must be worn throughout.
If not carefully sprayed lye, please quickly, flush with water.

氫氧化鈉 (NaOH) - Sodium Hydroxide  純度: ~99%

氫氧化納是製造固體皂的手工皂材料之一。手工皂配方/製造過程:-先將橄欖油200克、椰子油180克、棕櫚油200克混合後加熱至50度,-另外慢慢加氫氧化鈉 82-87克 加入蒸餾水210亳升 攪至完全溶解,其間鹼水會升溫至100度必須要用耐熱容器,再慢慢加在混合油中順向或逆向攪拌,-混合後30分鐘內要不停的輕輕攪拌,攪成皂糊狀。-可加入5-10亳升精油,將皂糊入模及包好置於乾燥通風處24小時,再脫模存放1個月,讓皂糊能更完全皂化,測試PH值為9便可使用。
*注意:在製造過程中須戴上手套、護目鏡、口罩、圍裙、浴帽,因為氫氧化鈉屬於強鹼,不小心濺到肌膚或頭皮會造成灼傷,所以一定要全程配戴。若不小心噴到鹼液,請趕快用大量清水沖洗。香港原料鋪 - 所有手工皂材料,高質量天然植物基底油、德國製氫氧化鈉、德國製氫氧化鉀、椰子油、棕櫚油、手工皂工具等...

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